Wednesday, July 13, 2011

100 Worst Baseball Players Of All Time

On this, one of the worst days of the sports year, Deadspin picked me up from the depths of my emptiness with this little countdown (Part II can be found here).  It's an unusual and humorous look at the hundred worst players in MLB's long and storied history.  I really enjoyed it because it isn't just using statistics to figure it out, it goes a little deeper than that.  As Eric Nusbaum, the author, explains:
[B]y worst 100 baseball players I don't just mean the objective worst, the statistical worst, the most physically discomforting to watch. I mean the players whose failure was enduring, endearing, perplexing,and spectacular. It's easy to identify bad players—sabermetrics has made a truly effective science of it—and it's easy to name cup-of-coffee guys who never had the ability, physical or mental, to stick in the major leagues. But a list like that might mean leaving out guys like Jose Lima, Ray Oyler, or the Rev. Aloysius Stanislaus Travers. In other words, while Rafael Belliard does appear below, nobody wants to read about 100 versions of him.
Some surprises are here - such as Michael Jordan at #6, Rabbit Maranville (a Hall of Famer, no less) at #46, John Rocker at #54, and Sidney Ponson at #80.  But I suppose with the criteria just listed, then total eff-ups in the game of life (like the latter three named) should be included.  Enjoy the explanations and the different categories, which in themselves are interesting to see.

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