Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Overblown, Made-Up Controversy?

Much as when Brit Hume suggested that Tiger Woods turn to Jesus for forgiveness, the man who is the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary suggested the same for Anthony Weiner.

The story, found in the Houston Chronicle's "Believe It Or Not" blog also had 'gems' like this one...
There’s also some shock value in Mohler’s statement, since a number of Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of a Christian leader telling a Jewish person to follow Jesus.
I don't know if 'shock value' is the right phrase.  As the missus so astutely put it - the guy can tell any Jewish person that he needs to follow Jesus, and the Jewish person has the right to tell the proselytizer to go away and leave him alone.  Here's another...
A number of Christian denominations don’t share the view that Jesus’ teachings to Christians supersede Judaism or that a person like Weiner needs Christ, and Rev. Chuck Currie—a United Church of Christ minister—has spoken out on their behalf.
Those Christian denominations need to read up on their theology and Scripture, especially if they claim to be 'Bible-only' types.  Obviously, Christians don't follow the Old Covenant, and the ones that do are on incredibly shaky ground - something I covered a while back. Likewise, Scripture teaches that all people are in need of a redeemer, especially the sinners. It strikes me that the Christian groups who say that individuals don't need Christ by virtue of their various religions are more concerned with scoring points of 'this world' and are forgetful of Matthew 28:19-20.

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