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NFL Picks - Week 17

For the past few weeks, Ryan and I have been making the picks for the NFL slate each week.  It is now the final weekend of the season and he has been 37-27 over the past four weeks and I have gone 38-26.  On to the picks, and as always, your picks are welcome in the comment thread.  All the games for the week are here, as there is no Monday Night Football. Enjoy! -- J.L.

Miami at New England (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is a game I think will be an interesting game because it’s a division rivalry. Miami somehow plays better on the road then at home, so it will be a closely fought game between these 2 teams. Saying this, New England will pull away in the 4th and go into the bye feeling good about their team.

Josh’s Take: Miami could theoretically win this game and go 7-1 on the road this season while finishing 8-8. That isn’t going to happen, although my classmate Cameron Wake may finish the season as the NFL leader in sacks. New England wins their 14th game and rolls into the playoffs.

Buffalo at New York Jets (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Since the Jets won’t be playing Sanchez most of the game, I think the Bills will be in this game throughout. Buffalo most likely will start Brian Brohm, so I’ll still go with New York to win this with their defense.

Josh’s Take: There is only one real New York team in this game, but that team won’t win. Buffalo is sort of auditioning players now and the Jets need a good tune up for the playoffs. “New York” (i.e. New Jersey) will win this game on the strength of confusing the crappy Buffalo offense.

Cincinnati at Baltimore (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Baltimore has everything to play for in this game. They are still vying for the AFC North title and a first round bye. They are playing a Bengals team that played a lot better last week with T. Ocho or whatever they call themselves. Since the Ravens have everything to play for, Baltimore will win.

Josh’s Take: The 2010 Bungles have looked like their 1993-2004 versions of themselves, and yet, they could very well win this game. However, the Ravens are still motivated to possibly get a bye. Home-field advantage is important. Therefore, Baltimore wins a close one.

Oakland at Kansas City (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Kansas City has already won the AFC West and has nothing to play for. Oakland can finish .500 if they win this game for the first time in a long time. Also, the Charlie Weis drama is going to boil over for the rest of the year for Kansas City. Oakland will win.

Josh’s Take: I still do not understand the talk about Charlie Weis going to the University of Florida. Anyway, the Raiders have overachieved this year, but the Chiefs are not going to want to take their foot off the gas pedal at this point. Kansas City wins and puts their best foot forward going into next week’s Wild Card round.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Pittsburgh is coming off a blowout win against the lowly Panthers and are going into Cleveland remembering what happened last year there. Pittsburgh will go into Cleveland and win the AFC North and the first round bye.

Josh’s Take: This may very well be Eric Mangini’s final game as the Browns’ head coach. As unbelievable as it sounds, Cleveland may pluck Marty “Defer in Overtime” Mornhinweg from the Eagles’ coaching staff to be their next head coach. Oh yeah, the game. No way Pittsburgh loses, especially with a first round bye at stake.

Minnesota at Detroit (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: A game that essentially means nothing to both teams but pride. Minnesota played a great game against the Eagles defensively, but offensively they played ok. Detroit just won 2 games on the road in a row. I’m picking Detroit because they will control the line of scrimmage and win with Calvin Johnson.

Josh’s Take: I don’t know why, but I am taking the Vikings here. The Lions’ recent string of luck is going to run out, and the Vikings are playing for Leslie Frazier’s job. Minnesota wins.

Carolina at Atlanta (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Atlanta wins, easily.

Josh’s Take: We have to talk about this game, unfortunately. I will say it, to no one’s shock or surprise…Atlanta wins! The real question is: by how much?

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: New Orleans is still in play for the 1 seed in the NFC and are playing a desperate Bucs team that needs help to get into the playoffs. New Orleans will win because of the defensive injuries that the Bucs have that will cost them against this offense.

Josh’s Take: This is a tough game, especially since there is a wounded animal (Buccaneers) involved. I do wonder if the Saints will watch the scoreboard and pack it in if it becomes clear that the Falcons are going to run away against the Panthers. If this were being played at Raymond James, I would probably pick Tampa, but it’s in the Superdome, so against my (fairly large) gut, I am taking New Orleans to win.

Jacksonville at Houston (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: I don’t know how Houston will play in this game. Kubiak looks like he is on the way out and they seem to just stink. Jacksonville is going to play without their top 2 players: David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew. Houston wins because of Jacksonville not having those 2 players.

Josh’s Take: Jacksonville has not much left. No starting quarterback and no All-Pro running back. Houston’s defense has been historically bad, so despite no David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars will still score around 30 points. The Texans will score one more point than the Jaguars and thus, Houston wins in a shootout.

Dallas at Philadelphia (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Eagles sucked last week and now have to win 3 games to get to the Super Bowl. That’s why this week they will act like it is a bye week and rest their starters. Philadelphia still wins though.

Josh’s Take: The Eagles are resting some key players. The Cowboys are starting some quarterback named McGee, who by the way almost beat….the Cardinals. Right, I know, horseshoes and hand grenades.  Philadelphia wins and finishes with 11 victories.

Chicago at Green Bay (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Good game will be played in Green Bay. All Green Bay has to do is win and they’re in the playoffs. Chicago is still playing for the number 1 spot, but should just rest their players. Green Bay wins and goes to Philly for the Wild Card round.

Josh’s Take: The Bears will already know that they won’t be winning the 1st seed in the NFC playoffs. They will rest players, thus allowing the Packers to push the dagger into the Giants two straight weeks. Green Bay wins and secures the 6th seed in the NFC playoffs.

Arizona at San Francisco (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Who cares about this game? Arizona, just 'cause.

Josh’s Take: Win one for The Gipper Mike Singletary! San Francisco wins.

San Diego at Denver (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The great Tebow is playing ok for a starter in the NFL. San Diego is the most disappointing team in the NFL this year. San Diego will win though.

Josh’s Take: Tebow can lead a comeback against the historically awful Houston defense, but there is no way in hell (will Tebow pray for my soul after I used such a naughty word?) that the Chargers allow this. Tebow will look like a rookie NFL quarterback today. San Diego wins fairly easily…Norval may get fired anyway.

New York Giants at Washington (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Giants need help to get into the playoffs, but first must win this game to have a chance. They (New York) will because Shanny sucks as a coach and Sexy Rexy will get eaten up by the Giants D-Line, but they won’t make the playoffs.

Josh’s Take: The Immovable Object (Rex Grossman) against the Unstoppable Force (Giants’ D-Line)? Let’s just say that Grossman won’t be mimicking Michael Vick today. He can be counted on for at least three dumb decisions, although Eli Manning isn’t doing much better in that department these days. New York will win the game, but it will be for naught as they complete frittered away any playoff hopes the past two Sundays.

Tennessee at Indianapolis (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Indianapolis wins with Peyton and Fisher will resign within the next couple of weeks and go to Dallas.

Josh’s Take: The Colts need to win, although they can back in with the Jaguars losing. They will know by kickoff whether that is the case. The Titans have been the ultimate dysfunctional NFL family during the second half of the season. Indianapolis takes this game at home.

St. Louis at Seattle (8:20 PM)

Ryan’s Take: St. Louis is going into a hostile place in Seattle. This is for the NFC West title too. I pick St. Louis because I can’t stand seeing a 7-9 team in the playoffs.

Josh’s Take: THE 12TH MAN, BABY!! We will be seeing our first ever 7-9 division winner in NFL history! Just what we need. PARITY! COMPETITVE BALANCE! Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2010 NFL Season!!!! Seattle wins, and will somehow get a home playoff game against a 12-4 team.

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