Monday, January 10, 2011

Final Thoughts On The Eagles

The season has ended, and while it was a pisser, the season wasn’t a complete waste; they did make the playoffs and do much better than anyone thought they would. Here are some thoughts about yesterday’s game and the season in general…

1) The Eagles should have never had the opportunity to win it in the first place. Green Bay couldn’t put them away when they needed to. The Packers should have tried to put the hammer down at the end of the first half and then again at the beginning of the second half – Rodgers fumbled and the Eagles quickly struck to make it 14-10.

2) Michael Vick was ok in this game – but not great. His numbers are a bit deceiving. They still relied on the homerun ball just a little too much; the final offensive play was such an instance.

3) The lack of running the ball was a downfall, but not the murderous thing people make it out to be. I find it hard to believe that after twelve years of watching Andy coach, people still bitch and moan about his lack of a rushing attack. Did they really think it was going to change?

4) The defense is pretty bad; something we are not used to as Eagles fans. It’s usually the other way around. Sean McDermott is no Jim Johnson, and while we aren’t expecting him to be, he has got to do a much better job than that if he wants to stay employed for a while.

5) Vick is still running into blitzes. It’s annoying as hell.

6) The hallmarks of Andy-ball all reared their ugly head again. They are…

a) At least one drive-killing (offense) and drive-sustaining (defense) penalty during the game
b) Horrendous clock management
c) Prodigious wasting of time-outs
d) Running on 2nd and 10 after an incomplete pass
e) Running up the middle on a short to go play with the defense stacked against it

If I missed any others, I am sure some will correct me.

7) I don’t know what to say about David Akers. It is unusual for him to miss two kicks like that. The 41 yarder I could understand, but not the 34 yarder. He pulled off on them both times. It’s sad because had he been in the middle or on the right hash mark, he would have nailed them both. While he is a goat, I don’t put too much blame on him – he has won numerous games for the Eagles, including the playoffs (2003 and 2006). As I note elsewhere, scapegoating is easier than laying the blame where it ought to be.

8) There are just a little over 30 days to go until Spring Training begins. Let’s go Phillies!

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