Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Battered Wife Syndrome In Football Media

Mike Florio and his crew over at PFT ran an item today in their news and rumors blog about how NBC’s Sunday Night Football finished as the number one show in the country for the duration of the season. That’s all well and good. The annoyance on my part and what prompted the title of this post was the following segment that was at the bottom of that item…
Memo to NFL owners and players . . . if you want your sport to continue to enjoy that level of popularity, you’d better find a way to save face and craft a win-win solution for your labor dispute, and you’d better presume that urgency exists now. Because it does. No one wants to spend the offseason worrying about whether there will be a work stoppage in September. At a certain point, fans will disengage from the process and assume that there won’t be NFL football in 2011, and they’ll plan their lives accordingly.
Florio and Co. practically beg the NFL to do something, anything to ensure there will be football next season. It’s not hard to understand why, since their livelihood depends on being an NFL season, but that makes for a nice little conflict of interest. The words and rationalizations sound like a battered wife who says ‘he beats me, but he provides so much for me.’

That being said, the statement isn’t all wrong – it even manages to get a few things right, such as there being no rule the requires everlasting NFL popularity, something that TMQ might appreciate too. Also, the fact people will move on if there is no football is pertinent, although some of the commenters on the post and others like this one (named, appropriately, 'Rex Grossman') vow to commit suicide if there is no NFL season this calendar year.

More power to them, I suppose.

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