Thursday, December 23, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 16 Thursday/Saturday

For the remainder of the NFL season, Ryan and I have been making picks on all the games for the weekend. Last week, Ryan finished 9-7 and I finished a paltry 8-8, bringing both of our records to 28-20. As always, you are free to place your picks in the comment thread. Here are the picks for both Thursday and Saturday nights' games. -- J.L.

Carolina at Pittsburgh (Thursday - 8:20 pm)

Ryan’s Take: Carolina actually got a win last week. I was so surprised that they won that I actually thought they might go on a winning streak….. then I found out they play the Steelers. Pittsburgh in a rout.

Josh’s Take: The Steelers are smarting a bit from their loss against the Jets last Sunday. The Panthers are on a high for actually winning their second game of the season. No Troy Polamalu this week for the Steelers? No sweat – it helps to play a craptacular opponent. Pittsburgh wins running away.

Dallas at Arizona (Saturday - 7:30 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Dallas has been 4-2 under the leadership of Jason Garrett and have looked good offensively through this run. Their defense has been playing like they did under Wade Phillips during this stretch of games. Even though Dallas’ defense has not played well, Arizona’s offense has been pathetic throughout the year. The only offense that Arizona has is Jay Feely. Dallas will win this game pretty easily.

Josh’s Take: The Cowboys’ defense looked pathetic against a bad Washington offense last week. Could this happen again with an absolute nobody as the quarterback? Perhaps, but I think this time, the Cowboys’ offense doesn’t slow down like it did against the Redskins. Arizona will make some noise, but Dallas wins. Merry Christmas from the NFL Network.  Assholes.

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