Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 16 Primetime Games

Here are the picks for the Primetime Games for Week 16. As always, you can place your picks in the comment thread.  Have an enjoyable rest of the weekend. -- J.L.  

Minnesota at Philadelphia (Sunday - 8:20 PM)

Ryan’s Take: I’m really afraid of this game. Somehow, someway, I have a feeling that Brett Favre will play. This will make the game closer and I’m worried about an emotional letdown after that epic comeback against the Giants. Even though with all this worrying, the Eagles are clearly the better team and Philadelphia will win on a strong effort by both sides of the ball.

Josh’s Take: I really hope that Adrian Peterson doesn’t play again. Toby Gerhart is a nice player, but is not nearly as dynamic as his teammate. This one has the potential to be played in some nasty weather. Vick and Co. are on, and the defense will show its mettle, albeit against an inferior offense. Philadelphia is victorious.

[This game has been postponed until Tuesday night, at 8 PM -- J.L.]

New Orleans at Atlanta (Monday - 8:30 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is going to be a great game. National television with 2 bitter rivals is going to make this game so incredible. Atlanta does everything so well. They really don’t have any holes on their team. I think that New Orleans defense just got exposed against the Ravens. Atlanta will win because of Michael Turner ripping through the New Orleans run defense.

Josh’s Take: The Week 16 Game of the Year! Ok, maybe the hyperbole is called for. The Falcons are at least a year ahead of schedule and barring injuries will be a force with which to be reckoned for some time. The Saints, however, are still the defending Super Bowl champs. They still have an offense that would give anyone fits. New Orleans wins in a shootout.

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