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NFL Picks - Week 15 Day Games

Every week for the remainder of the season, Ryan and I will be making picks for all the NFL games on the slate. So far for Week 15, we are both 1-0, having both picked San Diego to defeat San Francisco.  On to the picks!  Feel free to place your picks in the comment thread below. Enjoy! -- J.L.

Cleveland at Cincinnati (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The battle of Ohio, or rather irrelevance. Both of these teams are playing out the season for pride and Cleveland has looked like the better team throughout the year. The Bengals seem to make too many mental mistakes to be able to win this game and Colt McCoy is coming back for the Browns. Cleveland will win.

Josh’s Take: Two bad teams, one of them has to win…ok, they don’t have to win. Peyton Hillis will not make stupid fumbles like he did against Buffalo last week and Carson Palmer has just looked bad. Cleveland prevails in a relatively low-scoring game.

Washington at Dallas (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This game was going to be a good one, until Shanny decided to bench Donovan McNabb. I still can't believe they are going to give "Sexy Rexy" a chance to start. This just proves to me that the Redskins are the worst run franchise in sports, next to the Islanders. Dallas has been looking better and they will destroy Rex and Washington with a good pass rush and have a couple of turnovers along the way.

Josh’s Take: Mike Shanahan’s vindictiveness guarantees that the Redskins lose this game. True, Donovan McNabb hasn’t played that well, but anyone is better than Rex Grossman. The Cowboys have been worlds better over the past few weeks and in this ‘battle for last place’ in the NFC East, Dallas will crush Washington.

Houston at Tennessee (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Houston is coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Ravens in overtime after that great 4th quarter comeback. Tennessee still hasn't looked good since their 4th quarter comeback against the Eagles about 2 months ago. Houston will win using their offense to make mince meat out of the Titans defense.

Josh’s Take: The Texans killed the Titans last time around, and while Houston has no pass defense, it seems that Tennessee has not pass offense to counteract. The Titans have been in disarray for the past 6 weeks and it will continue here. Houston wins handily.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is going to be a game that will be great this week. Jacksonville is a hard nose, running team that tries to control the clock. It will need that this week for the Colts. The Colts played better last week against the Titans, but everyone is playing well against them. The Colts will need to stop this running attack of the Jaguars. I don't believe it will happen and Jacksonville will win.

Josh’s Take: I believe in Peyton Manning. I have always been a fan of his. The Colts are battered and beaten and are playing for their lives. It has been a while since they have had to claw their way through December. And I believe they will be successful. I said last week that Jacksonville is a fraud. They got lucky as hell against Oakland last Sunday. This game is, in a de-factor manner, for the division title (yes, I am aware the Colts are a game behind the Jags); something the Colts know how to do and the Jags don’t. Indianapolis wins and puts themselves on the inside track for the AFC South title.

Kansas City at St. Louis (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Tough game to pick, it all depends on if Matt Cassel plays. If he plays, Kansas City looks like a completely different team. St. Louis has been playing very well all year and Sam Bradford is going to be the best young QB in the game soon. I'll go with Kansas City with the win because I believe Cassel will play.

Josh’s Take: I don’t know how to pick this game. As of Friday, Matt Cassel is only ‘questionable’ and a game-time decision. If he plays, the Chiefs have a shot. With that in mind, I think the Rams will be able to take the home field advantage and use it to propel themselves to victory behind Sam Bradford. He has proven a lot of people wrong this year. Who would have thought that a St. Louis-Kansas City game in December would have meaning for both teams? St. Louis in a close one.

Buffalo at Miami (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Though you wouldn't think this would be a tough choice, it really is. Buffalo has been a team that has contending in almost every game this year while Miami has been a team that hasn't been able to be consistent. This is a tough choice but I will go with Miami because I believe in their defense more than I believe in Buffalo's offense.

Josh’s Take: This is the game in which I flip a coin to decide who is going to win. Heads = Buffalo, Tails = Miami.  It will be an ugly game all the way through – a 10-7 type of game. The coin came up tails, so that makes Miami the winner of this one.

Philadelphia at New York Giants (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is going be another awesome game. The Eagles will have to live without Stewart Bradley, which will be tough, but they will have Asante Samuel coming back (hopefully). The Giants have been running the ball great, but the Eagles have been stopping the run effectively throughout the past couple of weeks. The Giants have had some really key injuries to their WR corps and it will help the Eagles secondary. Philadelphia wins due to their big play ability and defense making some key stops.

Josh’s Take: This is the game. The Eagles’ run defense has vastly improved lately, but Stewart Bradley is not playing, so a rookie will be the starting middle linebacker. Asante Samuel is supposed to be back today, and he will make a difference in the secondary, as he did the last time. For the Giants, Steve Smith is out and that hurts their offense, but their running game is operating on all cylinders. The Giants’ rushing attack against the Eagles’ defense is the key matchup. If the Eagles stop that, the Giants’ offense becomes one-dimensional. Michael Vick’s health is also a factor. Philadelphia wins the game by a touchdown.

Detroit at Tampa Bay (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Tampa Bay is the most overrated team in the NFL. They're a team that seems to have gotten away with a relatively soft schedule. Detroit has been a team that has been in almost every game this year, but they have Drew Stanton playing this week. In a surprise, I'm going with Detroit due to all of the defensive injuries that Tampa has suffered over the past couple of weeks.

Josh’s Take: The Buccaneers are the NFC’s version of Jacksonville – completely fraudulent. They were lucky to get out of DC Landover with a victory against the Redskins. The Lions have been the football equivalent of a two-out double – some promise, but ultimately a disappointment in every game. Despite Tampa’s general overrated proclivities, the Lions are still the Lions. Tampa Bay wins yet again, although I think they miss the playoffs this season.

Arizona at Carolina (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: What a game...Anyways, both of these team have not been good all year. I'll pick Arizona due to how bad the Panthers really are.

Josh’s Take: Carolina sucks. Arizona wins. Move along…nothing to see here. *Waves hands* These are not the droids you are looking for.

New Orleans at Baltimore (1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: This is going to be one of the best games of the week. New Orleans, with its high powered offense, is coming into Baltimore to face a team that has a bunch of questions on defense after that Monday night game. New Orleans has benefited from a weak schedule, but I think their high powered offense will be able to put the Ravens away early in this game.

Josh’s Take: I really really really want to pick Baltimore, but after watching the Monday Night Meltdown in the second half…let’s just say that if you thought Houston’s offense looked good, then New Orleans will look out of this world. Joe Flacco may say he’s an ‘elite quarterback’, but New Orleans’ opportunistic defense will frustrate him. New Orleans wins on the road.

Atlanta at Seattle (4:05 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Seattle has been such a Jekyll and Hyde this year, its unbelievable. Atlanta has been a team that plays consistent football, except for when in Pennsylvania. Anyways, Atlanta will win this one because they will play a good running game and control the clock.

Josh’s Take: Atlanta wins. We only pick this because it happened to be included on the NFL slate.

Denver at Oakland (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: Being a Gator, Tim Tebow will lead this team to victory....I kid. The Broncos have been one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. Even after they fired Josh McDaniels, they didn't show up last week. Oakland will run all over this defense and will win this game.

Josh’s Take: I’m pretty sure Ryan will mention something about the beloved Tebow starting this game. He won’t be enough. Oakland has the capabilities to utterly embarrass Denver, especially on the ground. Oakland wins with relative ease.

New York Jets at Pittsburgh (4:15 PM)

Ryan’s Take: The Jets are coming off 2 horrible games for the team. They couldn't do diddly...poo throughout both of these games. Pittsburgh is coming off a tough victory and will most likely be without Troy Polamalu this week. This could help the Jets, but I still believe that Pittsburgh's offense will pull them through this game and win the game.

Josh’s Take: The Jets are finished. Mark Sanchez is once again showing the ‘curse’ of the USC quarterback. I think midnight has struck and the team is a pumpkin. The ‘Wall’ scandal doesn’t help either. Pittsburgh is struggling a bit right now also, but they should be able to bend without breaking on defense minus Mr. Head and Shoulders and put together a couple of scoring drives. Pittsburgh wins and puts New York in trouble with regard to the playoff picture. The Jets could very well finish 9-7 and miss out altogether.

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