Sunday, December 12, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 14 Primetime Games

Prime Time picks are here!  Feel free to join in with your picks in the comment thread.  Make sure you join our Live Blog for the Eagles-Cowboys game at 8:00 tonight.  -- J.L.

Philadelphia at Dallas (Sunday, 8:20 PM)

Ryan's Take: How bout' them Cowboys? They have been playing harder and better for interim coach Jason Garrett. Even saying this, they still give up too many yards on defense and rely on the turnovers to bail them out. This is also true for the Eagles defense. It hasn't been the same since Asante Samuel got hurt in the Giants game in Philadelphia 3 weeks ago. The secondary has not been particularly good at all and no pass rush at all. The Eagles have been bailing out this defense the past 2 games with the best offense in the league. Michael Vick has been great this year and players like Lesean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin have stepped up this year. The offense will lead the way and Philadelphia will find a win and forget what happened their last year.

Josh's Take: It's primetime! It's Sunday Night! The Cowboys have been looking better ever since Jason Garrett has become the head coach. Even with a backup quarterback and some major players injured, they have looked like the ship has been reoriented in the right direction. The Eagles have battled injuries of their own and will be playing without Asante Samuel once again on defense and without Winston Justice on the offensive line, a guy who has quietly silenced his doubters. The Eagles will be getting Juqua Parker back, so the defensive front should be a little better for this game. I think this is the game that once again shows why Jon Kitna is a backup QB and Michael Vick will once again dazzle in primetime as Philadelphia completes the Texas Two-Step in consecutive weeks.

New York Giants at Minnesota (Monday, 7 PM in Detroit - moved from Sunday, 1 PM)

Ryan’s Take: I wish I could pick the Vikings in this game, but I don't trust their defense or their offense, with either Favre or Jackson. For the Giants, they have played well the past 6 quarters, but Washington isn't really a team (LOL). I'll go with New York because Bradshaw and Jacobs will control the clock throughout the game.

Josh's Take: I was all set to take the Vikings in this game, especially as it was revealed that Brett Favre was not going to play if it were at the normal scheduled start time. Now the game will be played at Ford Field in Detroit, a place that is actually hostile toward the Vikings. Everyone has an extra day of rest and this means Brett Favre will most likely play. In the past, the Vikings have generally owned the Giants, but if the immovable statue is out there playing, plus a potentially hostile crowd, New York gets the edge.

Baltimore at Houston (Monday, 8:30 PM)

Ryan's Take: Both teams had rough games last week. They both led their games going into the 4th and both lost their games while relinquishing that lead. The Ravens will look to make up for that heartbreaking lost to the Steelers, while the Texans will try to right the ship from their recent mid season collapse. Baltimore will win with dominating defense and an inspired offense after that loss to the Steelers.

Josh's Take: The Ravens had no business losing the game last Sunday night. They did, though, and they need to put it behind them as quickly as possible. Luckily for them, they have the Texans' awful defense with which to contend. The Texans will make it a game for a while, but the Ravens' defense will be too much to handle ultimately. Baltimore wins in one of those 20-10 type of games whose score looks closer than the game actually is.

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