Sunday, December 5, 2010

NFL Picks - Week 13 Early Games

Stay tuned for the late game predictions to appear around 3:30 this afternoon. -- J.L.

New Orleans at Cincinnati (1 PM) - Both of these teams played on Thanksgiving, so both are rested, but the Bengals got run over by the Jets in the second half.  New Orleans nearly got run over by Dallas in the second half of their game.  Also of an advantage to Cincy - the weather.  Still, the pick is New Orleans in a close one.

Chicago at Detroit (1 PM) - the Bears are playing fairly well these days, and Detroit is, well, Detroit.  However, it is a division game and they are traditional rivals.  I am taking Chicago.

San Francisco at Green Bay (1 PM) - There has been a lot of talk about how the Packers could make a third coach's job disappear.  There is a good chance this could happen.  Green Bay in a blowout.

Jacksonville at Tennessee (1 PM) - The Jags are tied for the lead in the AFC South, but everyone is bunched together.  The Titans could still make a run if they start today.  Jacksonville is a fraud, I believe, so it will be Tennessee.

Denver at Kansas City (1 PM) - The Chiefs have been a surprise team this year.  They have been winning and it is going to stop at some point.  Today is that day.  Denver in an upset.

Cleveland at Miami (1 PM) - This is a true tossup.  I think I am going to flip a coin here.  It landed tails, so I am going to take Cleveland.  No matter what happens, it's no skin off my nose.

Buffalo at Minnesota (1 PM) - The Bills were a dropped TD pass away from defeating the Steelers and the Vikings could barely beat the Redskins.  Minnesota, though, has "momentum" (if there is such a thing) in giving their new interim head coach his first victory.  Minnesota wins a close and ugly game.

Washington at New York Giants (1 PM) - Giants are just a better team.  The Redskins, and I know it will kill the cockeyed optimists that DC always seems to have (I'm looking at you, Kevin Sheehan), just aren't a good team.  They need to rebuild but so far are refusing to do so.  They are still in the "we are one player away from begin good" mode.  Giants in a laugher, although the Skins will score a TD late to make it look like a competitive game from a scoreboard standpoint.

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Ryan Cunius said...

My picks:

New Orleans at Cincinnati (1pm)- This shouldn't be a tough game for the Saints. Half of the Bengals defense is injured and they are hitting their groove as an offense right now. Saints win big.

Chicago at Detroit (1pm)- Tough game to pick. Chicago has been playing well, but I believe Detroit is due for one. I think Cutler goes back to his old form and Detroit wins in a close one.

San Francisco at Green Bay (1pm)- Green Bay in a rout.

Jacksonville at Tennessee (1pm)- I still wonder how the Jags are even in the AFC South division race. They don't play well, but they somehow find a way to win. As for the Titans, have to get Johnson going, or they aren't going to do anything. I think Johnson has a big game, Titans in a close one.

Denver at Kansas City (1pm)- Denver blows, while Kansas City is decent. Kansas City wins.

Cleveland at Miami (1pm)- I would give Cleveland a better chance if they had McCoy in, but I see Miami sacking Delhomme all game long. Miami wins this one.

Buffalo at Minnesota (1pm)- Both teams suck, but the Bills have looked more competitive. Bills win and Steve Johnson has a big day today.

Washington vs New York Giants (1pm)- Giants are injured, but they still are the better team. Their defense has been good most of the season, while the Redskins are just an mediocre team. But, I'm going with my heart instead of my brain. Skins win on last second field goal.