Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lattanzi Moment #1 - NFL's Disciplinary Inconsistencies

I am attempting something new here - a series of commentaries called "Lattanzi Moments".  Yes, as the term implies, they can be somewhat rant-ish, as in I am "having a moment".  You can find them here or via links to my YouTube Channel.  Enjoy!  I will take criticism (constructive or not) in the comment threads here and at the YouTube home of each commentary.

Today's Lattanzi Moment discusses the manner in which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hands down fines and punishment for various infractions.  One would get the impression that he asks a Magic 8 Ball-type of device to discern the amount of money or suspension length.

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Ryan Cunius said...

It is very hypocritical of the NFL to not give out more fine money for hits to the head than they do with fights. They say it is all for player safety, but aren't they the ones who want 18 game schedule?