Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Spring' Break

Looks like we are going to be out until next Tuesday, which means I get essentially a two-week vacation, including Grandma's wake and funeral. I am not sure what this will entail for future days, since we only have 4 built-in snow days, and with this whole week going, we will have used 8. Spring break? Heh. Try winter break.

When I was a kid in West Orange, NJ, we actually got a winter break in the middle of February. I would spend it in South Jersey with my father's parents. I always had a good time, but in the end I would have to pay the price; I went to school until late June because of it. True story - my brother was born on the last day of Kindergarten - June 27th!

Hopefully, all of this gets resolved soon. I would hate to have to go to school until July 7th of this year, but alas, I will be teaching summer school at that time anyway. So it makes no difference to me.

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