Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day(s)

So now we are sitting through the remains of the Blizzard of the Year Decade Century Millennium, and I have several thoughts about it...

1) The authorities are incompetent about snow removal. Streets are still a cot-damned mess and no one seems to give a solitary hoot. Why? Because the storm happened on a weekend. These snow storms actually give us a good indication about the private sector vs. the public sector and the results that occur. The private sector gets results; every business and shopping center parking lot I have seen since Friday evening has been relatively clean. The interstate highways have just gotten cleaned - 48 hours afters the storm ended.

2) Our apartment complex also is incompetent in snow removal - but not as incompetent as the government is about street cleaning. I can at least see some pavement in our complex, but I can't say the same about our street.

3) We are getting more snow tomorrow. 10-20 more inches, which as Dustin says, is like predicting the Redskins will win anywhere between 3 and 11 games. So what is coming, and in a 72-96 hour span, we will have gotten between 45-50 inches of snow. If I never see much snow again, I won't be too upset.

4) Cabin fever has run rampant. We have all been stuck inside - we were fortunate to be in our own home. Due to my grandmother's funeral on Friday, the rest of the family was stuck at my mom's house in Bowie for the weekend. They all finally were able to leave between yesterday and today. We were able to walk to the local Walgreen's this morning, but due to having to carry everything back, we didn't get much - the 'necessities' of life: buffalo wings, Diet Pepsi, laundry detergent, cat litter, and cookies. No real food, but at least we know Butterscotch will have a sweet smelling shitbox.

5) School has been canceled for today, tomorrow, and probably will be for the rest of the week as well. I would be shocked if we went to school this week at all. None of this surprises me. With the incompetence shown by the local jurisdictions who had all decided they would rather keep their thumbs up their asses, it's amazing that society is able to function in any way. The way they work, they probably dump the snow in the bus lots!

So...when do pitchers and catchers report?

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