Monday, February 15, 2010

Lattanzi Land 2.0

Today and yesterday, I spent some time overhauling the blog here.  It had gotten a little stale in appearance - using Blogger's 'standard' features. With all the time off I decided it was time to get a little bit of a makeover. On the right-side column, there is no longer my profile; I have an 'About Lattanzi' section instead.  Blogger now allows for permanent pages - something I took advantage of massively when I was blogging on Wordpress. Directly underneath the new logo are the links for the permanent pages - here is where I have placed the Super Bowl Countdown, any M*A*S*H related writings, as well as a 'Greatest Hits' section (why?  Because I could, mostly).  

Down the right-side column as well, there has been some re-arranging and the Labels section now has buttons.  I decided that I should use my HTML knowledge and spruce things up a little bit.  Hopefully the new look catches on and the readers like it.  I enjoyed revamping and I hope that it has staying power. 

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