Monday, January 4, 2010

The Overused and Ridiculous Words of 2009

Lake Superior State University just released its list of 'banned' words for the year 2010. Some are just tired and stupid, but others probably need to be used to get the message across. Some good ones...

'Shovel-ready' - a term that is jargon-esque in its use with another of the banned words - 'stimulus'. I am still waiting for the money in the pork-laden 'stimulus' bill from February to be used on those supposed 'shovel-ready' projects. But alas, it looks like all that money was borrowed for no real reason.

'Sexting' - this just sounds stupid, as most combined words/phrases are, because people are just too damn lazy to actually say what they want to say. People don't want to say 'sexually explicit text message', so they make up a word, which is precisely what George Orwell wrote about in 1984- think the elimination of descriptive words - double plus ungood! Ditto to...

'Bromance' - a romance between friends that is brotherly? What the hell is that? It is like the term 'frenemy'. I never heard this word until this past 6-8 months. All of the sudden, it's everywhere! 'Chillaxin' is a word on the list, but I had never even heard that until I read the list. I guess I am not hip and with it - whatever it is.

'Teachable Moment' - this term made the list, but I have to say that I am guilty of using it periodically especially in the classroom. However, I can see how it would annoy the hell out of people - especially as the article points out, we have a word for this - a lesson. Who knew?

What other words and phrases of recent vintage should be banned from decent usage of the English language? Put it in the comments and I'll update with the new entries.

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