Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. President...Butt Out.

I am as opposed as anyone to the travesty that is the Bowl Championship Series, at least from a football standpoint, but I also believe political grandstanding and meddling from the powers that be in Washington will make things worse. President Obama is using envy as a virtue instead of the vice that it actually is to attempt to eliminate the BCS. And why? Because people from Utah are pissed that the Utah Utes didn't get to play in the title game a couple of years back. It's envy, pure and simple.

The President and his administration should not be using his authority to interfere with business, especially when there is no crime being committed. Yes, I would prefer a playoff. But I would also prefer the state not get involved in a legitimate business deal. This goes beyond football. This is about the fundamental issue over where the government can and cannot stick its nose. Stick to prosecuting crimes, paving roads, delivering the mail, and you know, defending the nation from enemies, foreign and domestic.

God forbid the state does what it is supposed to do. Instead, it concerns itself with petty issues like how a bunch of colleges decide to divide money that it received from a television network. Unless a crime is being committed, butt out.

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