Friday, December 4, 2009

Presidential Assessment

A lot of people have taken time to assess Barack Obama's first 10 months as the President of the United States, and have found him wanting in a lot of places. Some have already labeled him a failure; others are disappointed - surely, the actions he has taken have not matched the soaring campaign rhetoric or the promises he made to his political base.

I take a slightly different tact - my belief is that Obama is an empty suit. He is a vessel upon which people project their hopes and desires. He desires to be all things to all people. He doesn't take a real stance on anything. He hems and haws, but the only real agenda he has is to further Barack Obama, whether it means furthering a war he promised he would end, gallivanting around the world 'apologizing' for America, or accepting a Nobel Peace Prize for all of 100 hours of work in the White House.

My contention is that he doesn't care who he pisses off, so long as he is in power and continues to do so. He says that if passing a monstrosity of a health-care bill means a one-term presidency then so be it. I call BS. I believe that if Obama were guaranteed a second term if he dropped the bill from existence, he would do it in one second. Why do you think he didn't come out at West Point on Tuesday night and say 'hey, we are going to evacuate all American forces from Afghanistan tomorrow'?

Cynical? Absolutely. It is the Chicago way. Bill Clinton had Obama pegged to a tee during primary season.

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