Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Reasons to Loathe the NFL

So on Sunday is the mother of all games - Philly at Dallas at 4:15 - the winner gets the vaunted NFC East and a possible first round bye; the loser may have to go on the road through the entire playoffs in order to reach the Super Bowl. Here in Baltimore, however, they have decided to show on WBFF Fox 45...

Redskins at Chargers.

I get both WTTG Fox 5 (DC) and 45 here in the Baltimore 'burbs, and I understand obviously why Fox 5 would show the Redskins - it is their team and all. But this brings me to this territorial nonsense in the NFL known as 'secondary markets'.

There has been this contrived malarkey going on about combining the DC and Baltimore markets. It always seems that DC shows Ravens so forth. I want to know why? A lot of people up here couldn't give two sh*ts about the Redskins, and yet the email I received back from the WBFF folks talked about how they 'needed' to show the game because of concerns of the fans.

What should be done is that if the market's team is not playing or there is a game going on while the team is playing, then the station should strive to air the *best game available*, secondary markets be damned. Dallas and Philly is compelling and yet we are stuck watching two teams that have zip, zilch, nada, and nothing for which to play. The Redskins are terrible, and San Diego cannot improve its own playoff status (first round bye, et cetera).

Before you tell me to find a bar or something - let me say that I shouldn't have to - this game should be on the air nationwide, save for the other 4:15 games in their respective local markets. I will repeat that I hope the NFL goes down in flames after the 2010 season - that they lockout and come back limping and having been taught a lesson.

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Doyler said...

Compelling or no, Fox45 probably more often than not gets better ratings from a meaningless Skins game than a seemingly "better" option.

I would've understood if fox45 decided to play the Dal-phi game instead, but at least I don't have to go elsewhere to watch my Skins (lose).