Friday, November 6, 2009

Stupid Commercials

Working 30 miles away from my residence in a crowded metropolitan area lends itself to much time spent in the car. When I commute daily, I prefer to listen to some variation of talk radio - whether it is sports, politics, or the like. In the past few months, it has struck me that on a hourly basis, advertising seems to get more time than actual talk.

On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning, they have at least five hard breaks of five minutes each, and then factoring in the Sportscenter updates and their stupid voice-over intros, you have about 25-27 minutes each hour of actual talk, which just honestly isn't worth it.

During the morning commute, I either listen to the aforementioned Mike and Mike or to the local DC morning show on 630 WMAL - The Grandy and Andy Morning Show; whose hosts are Fred Grandy, of Love Boat (he played Gopher) and congressional fame, and Andy Parks, a longtime veteran of the DC radio scene.

They have a decent format - 20 minutes of commercial-free stuff to start the hour, and then basically peppered segments with lots of commercials from :20 to :40, then calls are taken from :40 to :50, then a financial segment with some more commercials before it starts all over again.

The problem that I have is not commercials, per se, but the stupid commercials and what they say drive me nuts. For example, there is an ad for Washington Hospital Center and their cardiac unit. At the end, the commercial says 'call and make an appointment with an excellent doctor.'

As opposed to what? A crappy doctor? Hey, call Washington Hospital Center and make an appointment with a mediocre doctor!

The 'Go Green' commercials from Siemens and Chevron also make me crazy, but for different reasons, and those will be covered in a different post.

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