Saturday, November 14, 2009


I am an extremely strong believer in loyalty, especially when it comes to friends. Ultimately, you only have four things you can really count on in life - God, family, friends, and honor. If one of the latter three things fail you, then life isn't going to be as happy or good as you would like it.

The thing that infuriates me the most is when people who I thought were my friends began acting as they were too good/cool to even acknowledge my (and others') existence. A particular instance of this happened last night. My feeling is - if we have stuck with you through all the good and bad times, then at least we are owed a simple 'hi, how are you?' To blithely blow off people who were your friends when a) no one else would do so and b) you were at your most idiotic phase in life is to say 'I was just using you for that time, and you are of no use to me anymore'.

I say to those - go to hell, you are dead to me now.

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