Sunday, November 1, 2009

Down, But Not Out

To say the least, last night's loss by the Phillies was disappointing. C0le Hamels allowed the wheels to come off yet again and the bullpen effectively allowed the game to get away. Despite all of this, the Phillies have a good chance to even the series tonight and get things back on track.


They are a team that fights and claws and hangs onto dear life. The Yankees are going with the three man rotation to try and put the Phillies away and so CC Sabathia is going tonight - and I feel this plays right into the Phillies' hands. Joe 'Cookies' Blanton is going tonight, and if nothing else, he will throw strikes - he doesn't get cute when pitching unlike Hamels was doing last night with that hanging curve ball. The bats need to come alive, especially the lefties. While this isn't quite desperation level, something big needs to happen tonight. These Phillies may be well down, but they are never out. Not yet.

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