Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rush for Rams

In the past few days it has come out that Rush Limbaugh has joined up to make a bid for the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise. I applaud the move - politics aside, anyone who has the ability to buy a professional sports franchise and desires to do so should have the opportunity. I will never have such an opportunity, but that's OK, since my chosen field does not yield the financial reward of someone who succeeds in a tough business like radio.

The liberals opposing this on political grounds do not surprise me in any way - I chalk it up to envy on the part of many. The NFLPA has come out with a statement opposing the bid - and this does surprise me for a couple of reasons.

First, you have the allegations of racism - which is based on the memes out there about Limbaugh's opposition to President Obama (ideological, not racially based) and the oft-repeated comments about Donovan McNabb being 'overrated', ostensibly due to his race.

Tangent: I say that Rush was wrong about Donovan being 'overrated' - but I never felt that it was discriminatory. If you read his comments, the comments attack the media for being paternalistic toward black quarterbacks - 'social concern', is how he phrased it. His point was that the defense carried the team and Donovan was getting too much credit because the media wanted 'the good story'. Again, I believe he is wrong - Donovan did deserve credit for winning, but even in those days when I was a liberal I didn't think it was racist on his part.

Secondly, I want to see how many NFL players will actually turn down the opportunity to play. It's easy to talk about it now - it's completely different when the owners of the Rams are offering you the opportunity to become the highest paid (fill in the blank) in the NFL. Rush Limbaugh didn't become a near-billionaire because of stupid business decisions. Players are still going to be paid and so forth. The NFLPA may be doing more harm than good with this - what if instead the Rams get yet another completely cheap owner? They'll be wishing Limbaugh was an owner.

Tangent II: I was surprised at the idea of Limbaugh becoming an owner of the Rams because even though he is from Missouri, he has been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for quite some time. Honestly, though, I doubt he gets in - the NFL will back down and tell him 'thanks, but no thanks' - and it will be their loss, not his. Someone else will get his money.

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