Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pay Access for Internet Sports

One thing that I find extremely aggravating is the idea that some websites charge extra fees for superfluous content. I don't mind the charging for content, per se, but things like ESPN Insider just isn't worth the money. Reading Peter Gammons' blog, Jayson Stark's blog, or Bill Simmons' (aka The Sports Guy) archives is just not worth the extra money to get. is another site that just isn't worth the extra cash to get - essentially to be part of a message board and to get more pictures.

I don't mind pay sites - I avoid them, but to offer only marginally more for a substantial price over the free stuff is not a good business model, and something that will cause more alienation than subscription over time - especially as time goes on and revenues fall; the solution will be to charge for more stuff - at a higher price (essentially the government model - a failure if there ever was one). Eventually, they will price out those who were expected to buy and then they themselves will go out of business.

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