Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago...We Hardly Knew Thee

As always, I wait until the hysteria of a story is over before I decide to add my glorious words to the ranks of the commentariat - this time, it concerns the utter rejection of Chicago by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). For all of you who are upset over Chicago not getting the Olympics for the summer of 2016, let me say.

It's CHICAGO. You know, where dead people vote and father and son have been in control for eons and several governors, judges, congressmen and other politicians end up in a place where they hope they won't drop the soap?

It's Chicago. It's not even the most qualified city in the midwest to host an Olympics, never mind the entire world. Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Madrid are world-class cities with thriving settings. Chicago has garages that have been host to mob-hits. There's no contest.

It's Chicago, the city with the big shoulders, hog-butcher to the world and all the other nauseating bullsh*t that has been associated with it. Even sending Mr. Hope and Change to expend political capital to try and convince the IOC of the *cough cough* greatness of Chicago failed!

I have to admit, I was definitely in the cynical camp that said the President was only going over to Copenhagen because the Chicago Olympic bid was in the bag. I was wrong, and this makes us as a country look even worse. For all the hubbub about the world loving Obama, that wasn't enough, and it definitely makes him look like a complete paper tiger with all style and absolutely no substance. He could have spent his time doing more important things - like, oh, I don't know...his job?

It's just a damn shame. Chicago, we hardly knew thee...and I am not sure I ever want to know you anyway.

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