Thursday, August 13, 2009

Store-Brand Cola

People who know me well know that I am a big fan of Coca-Cola, the Real Thing. I used to drink a Super Big Gulp of Coke for breakfast every day, so when I stopped doing that, my students were puzzled as to the location of my Coke. The elimination of that habit has been a big reason why I am healthier now. But I digress...

The wife and I went shopping this afternoon and she complained that I got a bottle of orange Crush rather than a store-brand can of soda. I replied that *if* there were any cans of Shoppers Food soda, such as root beer, I would have bought one. The one soda I will *never* buy is store-brand cola. In short, I think it is disgusting, which led the wife to anoint me as 'picky' - an ironic charge if I ever heard one (long story).

The people who say that there is no difference between the name-brands and store-brands obviously must be lying or their taste buds are tone-deaf. And yet, I hear that quite frequently; a bigger travesty are those who say that there is no difference between Coke and Pepsi. What planet are they living on? For shame! I bet the people who took the Pepsi challenge could tell the difference!

*UPDATE* The wife has amended her wording for me to 'soda snob'. If wanting the best (Coca-Cola) over inferior products (crappy store sodas) makes me a snob, so be it!

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