Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Salutes of Hawkeye

One of my many quests in M*A*S*H fandom is to see how many legitimate salutes Hawkeye Pierce made in the eleven seasons of the show. By 'legitimate salutes', I mean this:

The salutes can be for any reason - courtesy, mockingly, or what have you. What it is about is proper form, not intent. This post (which will also be on the side rail) will keep track of all the legitimate salutes of Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce.

'Requiem For a Lightweight' (Season 1) - Salutes when Cutler loses her towel
'The Moose' (Season 1) - Returns a salute to Sgt. Baker
'Tuttle' (Season 1) - After giving eulogy for 'Tuttle'
'Dear Dad...Again' (Season 1) - Returns a salute on the way to mess tent
'Showtime' (Season 1) - Salutes Frank while Frank is on the toilet
'Radar's Report' (Season 2) - Salutes Frank in the compound
'The Incubator' (Season 2) - Salutes Major Morris at Quartermaster
'The Trial of Henry Blake' (Season 2) - Salutes Margaret
'A Smattering of Intelligence' (Season 2) - Salutes Frank in the Swamp
'Officer of the Day' (Season 3) - Salutes guards going on duty
'Welcome to Korea' (Season 4) - Salutes Radar after 'promoting' him to 'Corporal-Captain'
'Fallen Idol' (Season 6) - Salutes Radar after presenting Purple Heart
'Goodbye, Radar, Part II' (Season 8) - Salutes Radar when he is leaving
'Captains Outrageous' (Season 8) - Part of group salute to Fr. Mulcahy
'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen' (Season 11) - Salutes Potter (with BJ)

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