Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remember When? has a feature up in which various writers talk about 25 things they miss in baseball. Most of it is the standard 'I am older and you young people just don't understand' type of laments - such as stirrups, organs, mustaches, bullpen carts, and so forth. Some are even nonsensical - consider:

22. Old School Managers

In an age when statistics, pitch-counts and matchups rule nearly every decision-making process, it has become conceivable that a computer might soon fare just as well as most of the men who manage today's major league teams. Now if you were to tell fiery types such as Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, Sparky Anderson and Whitey Herzog that they'd have to depend on numbers on a spreadsheet and not on their gut instincts to make in-game decisions, you'd be guaranteed a fight.

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