Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Questions While Watching TV...

Why didn't the creators of The Golden Girls ever try to make Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty a little more, well, Sicilian in their appearance?

Why doesn't ESPN feature Sage Steele more prominently on their news programming? She obviously knows her stuff very well, more so than many other Sportscenter anchors.

Why can't Skip Bayless just shut up for 10 seconds?

Why does Drew Carey never wear a tie on The Price is Right, or never even feign real excitement on set?

Why did the writers on Full House mess up a good thing? The middle seasons (from about 1990-1993) were the best and devolved into Jesse/Michelle all the time.

Why do commercials talk in euphemisms about feminine issues, except for the Activia commercials that deal somewhat frankly about constipation?

Why did Dick Clark so condescendingly try to give clues to winner's circle contestants on the $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid, as if it should have been sooooooo obvious?

Where have all the cool game shows gone? Deal or No Deal, Trivial Pursuit, and Millionaire just don't quite have the same effect as Let's Make A Deal, Match Game, Password, or $25,000 Pyramid. Celebrity panels rule.

Is anyone else creeped out by the commercial of the woman sucking through a container of yogurt in the aisle?

Did anyone know that there is now a Hannah Montana PSP Pack?

What woman since June Cleaver vacuums with a dress and heels on, besides in an Oreck commercial?

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