Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phillies' Potential Runaway Stretch

Tonight, the Phillies begin a three game series with the Colorado Rockies, who are fighting for the Wild-Card in a seemingly runaway NL West race. However, the Rockies have won four in a row and the Phillies are scuffling a bit after losing 4 of 5 overall on a west-coast swing against Arizona and San Francisco.

I say this is a potential runaway stretch because they also play the Florida Marlins over the weekend. Florida is the next team in the NL East, five games out. If for some reason, the Phillies are able to go 5-1 during this homestand, it is possible that they could have a 7 or 8 game lead in the division going into next week. I can hope right? It is a bit of a stretch, since the Marlins are playing the 'Natinals' while the Phils play the Rockies.

I can hope, right?

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