Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Shocking

White House Data Gathering May Be Illegal (Fox News).

I'll just start by saying I am disappointed in President Obama. Not surprised, but disappointed that he wants to shut down dissent, considered by his party (and ostensibly by him as well) as recently as a year ago as the 'highest form of patriotism'. Calling on citizens to spy and report on fellow citizens because they disagree with a policy point is not the American way (unless you are Woodrow Wilson). I suppose this makes me one of those 'fishy' people because I want the current healthcare bill to go down in flames.

I must also be among the people whom the president wishes to 'shut up' and 'get out of the way' while he 'cleans up the mess' (although I didn't vote Republican). Now, when Butterscotch vomits on the floor, I get the carpet cleaner and the Dust Buster and clean up the mess. I don't rip out the entire wall-to-wall carpeting. President Obama's idea of 'cleaning' is indeed the ripping out the entire carpeting for a couple of stains that can be found and cleaned up with Woolite and a vacuum.

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