Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Plaxico For the Eagles

There had been whispers that the Eagles were looking into signing Plaxico Burress at the behest of Donovan McNabb and his call for 'playmakers'. Guess that won't be happening now, as Burress pleaded guilty to the weapons charges in New York.

I still feel that this is very much a 'crime' of stupidity - in other words, it isn't against the law to be a moron, but Burress got caught. However, the powers that be in New York have decided that they want to 'make an example' of Burress more than anything else. It's the price he has to pay - two years in prison, with the possibility of it being 20 months with good behavior, as well as two months of 'supervised release'. It could be worse, I suppose, but then, if Burress had been smart and not carried a gun into a club in his sweatpants and not accidentally shot himself, we wouldn't be talking about this now, would we?

(Image from Sports Illustrated)


Paula said...

Stupidity should be against the law... or at the very least, put all the incredibly stupid people on an island far away from the rest of us.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

A lot of stupidity is against the law already, especially when it harms at least one other person. A lot of self-harming stupidity is also against the law, such as drugs, DUI, etc.