Monday, August 3, 2009

My Love of M*A*S*H

For quite a few people, it must be strange that I, as a 27-year old person, would have a fixation on a show like M*A*S*H - a show that ended just a few months after I was born and a show that doesn't necessarily gel with my, how should we say it, convictions and feelings about certain things. Despite that, it is my favorite show and it is one show that I never get tired of watching. Even as the show turned more 'serious' as time moved on, it still makes me laugh and moves me as well.

On the whole, the show never "jumped the shark", to use the cliche'. Every now and again, I will be giving commentary on the show, its characters, its greatness, and yes, even its weaknesses. I have long thought that one cannot ever comment on the greatness of anything unless there is commentary on the objections. Hey, it worked for Aquinas, right?

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