Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Beyond Parody

The MCJ has a post demonstrating the absurdity of some Episcopalians, and it absolutely reminded me of an incident I had with a parent at a back-to-school night. Chris Johnson, the blogmaster of The MCJ, opines that the following comment would make a great epitaph for what he calls 'The Episcopal Organization':
I raised my daughter in the Episcopal Church so she would learn the traditions of our ancestors, not so she would become a believing Christian.
It is a sad, but amusing line; completely in line with the trends that have been the downfall of the Episcopal Church, as people like Mr. Johnson and others have documented so well over the years.

Anyway, in my second year of teaching, at back to school night, I was explaining the course (which was a year-long study of Scripture) and going through the points of emphasis within the course. A woman raises her hand and interrupts me: 'uh, *professor* (just imagine the sneering in her tone), I am concerned that you are going to teach that fundamentalist stuff here. You see, we are Episcopalians, we don't really believe in anything.'

I almost gagged at that point. I think I know what she wanted or meant to say, but I also think it was a Freudian slip. To this day, it is honestly the only clear memory of any back to school night I have had.


Paula said...

Gagged, professor? You should have burst into an uproar of laughter! It's hysterical!

Joshua Lattanzi said...

It is funny, but it was such a shock that someone would actually *say* what she said. That's Mr. Professor to you!