Saturday, August 22, 2009

Late August, Which Means...'s hot as hell, school is about to start, and the Little League World Series is upon us.

As I sit here in the sweltering heat, I have decided to contemplate the LLWS, in all of its grandiosity and just marvel at some of the stupidity of the television coverage.

The pitch counts are just as bad in Little League as they are in the Majors, but with one caveat - I can at least understand why you would want to hold off developing arms from high pitch counts, but a scorched earth policy benefits no one and harms everyone.

What is up with ESPN's 'MLB Equivalent' speed radar? Whenever a kid throws a pitch about 70 miles per hour, a little tab pops up showing what it would be if the kid was a Major League pitcher. Here's clue: he isn't a ML pitcher, so stop trying to project. 70 MPH is 70 MPH, regardless of the distance. I get it - it's really about reaction time for the hitter, but let's can the nonsense of 'potential speed' - it's a completely made up number like heat index or wind chill.

I liked the days when the umpires wore cameras on their heads to show a different view. Now, they just show from a K-Zone point of view, directly over the pitcher in a straight line to the plate. Oh God, now I sound like one of those old farts that I complain about. Yeesh.

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