Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jamie Moyer's Demotion

I haven't said a whole lot about the Phillies' decision to demote Jamie Moyer to the bullpen and raise up Pedro Martinez to the rotation, mostly because you can get coverage from people who a) are closer to the situation (beat writers) and b) do this much more in depth than I can or do (TGP, WSBGMs, Beerleaguer). But nonetheless, as a fan of the Phillies, I do have a couple of thoughts, neither of which will add anything substantially to the conversation.

1) I feel bad for Moyer, but I think the handwriting is on the wall. It is time to give Martinez the shot at the rotation. With Happ pitching well lately, there was no way that the hot hand was being demoted. The guy with the nearly 6 ERA was the one who was going to go.

2) Moyer himself is 'unhappy and misled', according to Todd Zolecki, and if what he says is true, this may be a lot uglier than originally thought. I am hoping that this is resolved, so it doesn't become a distraction, no matter what ol' Grampa says.

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