Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Frustration

Per the last post, I guess I am overly frustrated at how much all of this hoopla surrounding the Favre 'saga' is media generated. One could almost guess that if ESPN and others didn't send out reporters to cover every bowel movement of Favre, none of this would be going on. Maybe Favre is narcissistic enough to think that he should be able to control an entire news cycle in the sports media.

Let me perfectly clear (channeling my inner Obama) - Brett Favre has never been a favorite of mine. Yes, he was a great player at one point (1994-2001), but that time has passed, and a lot of his butt-boys covered for his every mistake (John Madden - I am looking at YOU). I want his Hall of Fame presentation to include the following:

6 Interceptions in a playoff game
Career leader in interceptions
Complete choke jobs in at least two playoff games ('03 Divisionals, '07 NFC Title)
Most overrated QB of his era

None of this will happen, but I can hope, right. Although, if he keeps playing, he'll never make the Hall of Fame...hmmmmm.

(Photo from New York Post)

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