Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camille Paglia's Interesting Point

Every month on, Camille Paglia writes a column on political and cultural happenings. She is a self-identified liberal and libertarian, and while I don't agree with worldview, she always writes a good column because she isn't ideologically blinded; if things are stupid, she calls them as such. Anyway, after lambasting Nancy Pelosi and chastising President Obama, she has this to say about the Gates-Cambridge kerfuffle:

Gates and Obama mistakenly assumed that the original incident at Gates' house was about race, when it was about class. It was the wealthy, lordly Gates who committed the first offense by instantly and evidently hysterically defaming the character of the officer who arrived at his door to investigate the report of a break-in. There was no excuse for Gates' loud and cheap charges of racism...Class rarely receives honest attention in the American media.

I find this point to be fascinating because she is right on target - class is avoided in the story because it doesn't fit the easy perceived 'storyline'. In other words, lazy journalism. It's ironic as well because during election season, there seems to be a lot of stoking of class-warfare, but when class issues are evident, they are ignored.

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