Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being un-American Isn't Enough....

...the healthcare protesters are now 'evil-mongers' too! (The Hill via Drudge)

Thank you, Harry Reid.

Now we have all the top Congressional leaders calling protesters, who are exercising their right to assemble, names.


AdamV said...

Calling people names isn't equatable with questioning their freedom of assembly.

And yes, people who go around comparing changes in how healthcare is paid for to 1930's Berlin and Stalin style communism and sitting politicians going on about "death panels" is "evil-mongering." I thought the whole thing was laughable, but its getting out of hand and the tactics these groups are employing are just barely meeting the definition of "peaceful assembly."

Joshua Lattanzi said...

Oh no, they are booing their congressmen!

If you are referring to Sarah Palin, she is no longer a 'sitting' politician. Apparently, the 'death panels' are enough of a concern that the Senate decided to eliminate them from their version of the bill.

Remember, the bill has all of the things that the people are complaining about. The people are more informed about it than the alleged representatives are.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

Also, Reid is only calling them 'evil-mongering' because people dare oppose a bill that he thinks is good for all of us and they don't agree.

AdamV said...

I was actually talking about Grassley, not Palin. Although I wonder if she's been out of office long enough for that to matter.

And no, they aren't just booing their congresspersons, they are sneaking in loudspeakers and megaphones and purposely making so much noise that they can't hear the speakers and vice versa. In Miami rioting broke out so badly that the police had to close down the town hall meeting all together.

Part of peaceful assembly means that the town hall has a right to continue unharrased too, no?

Say what you will about the Iraq were protesters but those were peaceful and not that disruptive, so much so that one of the thing the Right mocked the protesters about were how ineffective they were, permitted and when individuals stepped out of this they were often condemned by the broader movement.

Now people who gum up these meeting are having Conservative commentators swoon over them after they do so.

And, to reiterate, comparing healthcare reform, even *bad* healthcare reform to Nazi German or communism is mongering of some type or another.

Joshua Lattanzi said...

Part of the problem with talking about these protesters is that they aren't monolithic by any stretch of the imagination. The constant talk of 'astroturf' and the like is completely a diversionary tactic.

As for the riots, the only people being arrested at present are union members who are beating down protesters.

I think it is a legitimate concern about where this reform bill is headed, given Obama and others talking about their favoring of a single-payer system of healthcare.