Saturday, August 1, 2009

Being A Sports Doofus

I despise ESPN for many things, but Page 2 on their website can be a gold mine for humor, because it (Page 2, that is) isn't beholden to the NFL like the indentured servant the mothership is.

Patrick Hruby has a piece up about 20 things that make fans look like doofuses. Many of these are spot on, and can be attested to in real life experiences, for example:

10. Wearing baseball pants to play slo-pitch softball

So very true. Hruby says that the types who wear baseball pants are waaaay too serious for it. The sliding reason is not enough to wear them, and I would be a candidate to do so because I did tear up my lower leg sliding about 4 years ago playing a co-ed rec league. Nevertheless, I always, always wear shorts playing softball. One that I don't agree with, however, is:

8. Being too cool for the Kiss Cam

Sorry, Patrick, PDAs are not in my cards. The wife doesn't care for them, and after thinking about them for a while, neither do I. I don't care for watching others do so, and I don't want others watching us.

Otherwise, it is a very good list. Check it out, and see if you have violated any of these 'guidelines'.

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